These Tender Country-Style Ribs Fall Right Off the Bone


No need to light a fire, wait eight hours, or even step outside for these country-style ribs! This is the next best thing to having a barbecue pit in your backyard and way, way easier. Instead of grilling or smoking, these ribs slow roast in the oven until very tender. A coat of (store-bought or homemade) becomes glossy and sticky—the kind of four napkin experience everyone looks forward to. Be sure to flip the ribs gently before brushing on the sauce—they'll be so tender they might fall apart! Add these ribs to your rotation of next time you crave truly great . They require a little time, but minimal effort.


And the end result will rival even the local barbecue shop!

What are country-style ribs?

Country-style ribs are a bit misleading because they aren't really ribs at all! This cut actually comes from the shoulder (or butt) of the pig and has a lot more meat on the bone than traditional ribs. They also sometimes go by shoulder chops or blade steaks. 

How long does it take to cook country-style ribs?

This really depends on the temperature. The lower the temperature, the longer the cook time. That low temperature—about 250 degrees to 300 degrees—is needed to tenderize the meat while keeping it juicy and flavorful.


Seven pounds of country-style ribs will take about two and a half hours to cook at 275 degrees.

What's the best way to tenderize country-style ribs?

Cooking country-style ribs low and slow is essential for tenderness. You have to allow plenty of time for the connective tissue to break down. It isn't a quick process, but the resulting fall-apart tender meat is worth every minute you have to wait!

How do you keep ribs from drying out?

Foil is your friend here. Line the sheet pans with foil before adding the ribs (to keep cleanup easy), then cover the ribs tightly with foil. This helps to hold in the juices as the ribs cook, while the steam in this pouch cooks them moist and gentle.



What do you serve with country-style ribs?

All your favorite ! are a given, but cold sides like , , or any also work well with ribs. Of course, no one would object to a scoop of Ree Drummond's baked either.

2 tbsp.

seasoned salt

1 tbsp.

ground black pepper

1 tsp.

cayenne pepper

7 lb.

country-style pork ribs

1 c.

barbecue sauce, plus more for serving

Step  1 Preheat the oven to 275°F. In a small bowl, stir together the salt, black pepper, and cayenne. Season the ribs all over with the spice mixture. Line 2 large rimmed baking sheets with aluminum foil. Arrange the ribs in a single layer on the baking sheets. Cover the ribs tightly with foil and bake until tender, 2 to 2 1/2 hours. Carefully uncover the ribs, and drain any liquid from the baking sheet. Step  2 Brush both sides of ribs evenly with 1 cup of barbecue sauce. Return to the oven and bake until ribs are fall-apart tender, about 15 to 30 minutes. Serve ribs with additional barbecue sauce.


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