Toothless Senior Cat Becomes This Woman’s Soulmate


Anshu, a woman in the DC area, didn't shy away from caring for a toothless senior cat named Nugget. She and her husband went to a shelter to adopt a kitten, but couldn't resist Nugget's affectionate nature. Nugget had been found abandoned on the street and had to have all his teeth removed due to an infection.

Although Anshu initially wanted a small, playful kitten, she quickly fell in love with Nugget's loving demeanor. Despite being first-time pet owners, Anshu and her husband have formed a deep connection with Nugget. He is calm and perfect for newcomers to cat ownership, always by their side and purring loudly.


One interesting quirk about Nugget is his love for potatoes. He often cuddles up in the kitchen cabinet among the potatoes. Anshu even provides him with potatoes in his cat carrier when they go for car rides. Nugget also tends to hide in his potato sanctuary when guests come over, as it is his safe space.

Anshu and Nugget are soulmates who understand and comfort each other. Their bond is truly beautiful. As for Nugget's potato obsession, it's not too surprising. The author shares a story about their own cat, who loved sleeping in a specific flower pot with succulent plants.

Overall, it's an heartwarming story of how Anshu chose to care for a special needs cat and the unique quirks that make Nugget even more endearing.


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