These Pomegranate Recipes Will Make Any Holiday Dish Sparkle

Danielle Daly

Sweet, tart, juicy, and beautifully bright—pomegranates are the secret to making your sparkle. Whether you add the seeds to a festive or toss them in with a , these pomegranate recipes all have a pop of color and flavor from the gem-like fruit. Here, you’ll find both sweet and savory ideas for using pomegranate seeds (also called arils), plus a few easy recipes that make use of pomegranate juice. While is easy, these days you might also find packaged pomegranate arils at the supermarket that are ready to eat! So, there's no excuse not to make these pomegranate recipes.

Start with happy hour: Here, you'll find ruby-red libations of every variety. The pomegranate margarita will be your new go-to cocktail for fall, while the three-ingredient pomegranate sparklers are an easy (and festive!) beverage to make for a crowd. Of course, we've also included a few non-alcoholic punches that the whole family can enjoy. Think nostalgic sherbet punch and a Christmas morning punch that is sure to spread some cheer. But pomegranates aren't just for sipping! Add a handful of pomegranate seeds to your next , fold them into a crunchy seasonal salad, or follow in Ree Drummond's footsteps and jazz up a platter of Brussels sprouts with 'em. She drizzles her sprouts with sweet and tangy pomegranate molasses and sprinkles on pomegranate seeds for a welcome crunch... and boy are they delicious!

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