Easy Christmas Tree Crafts For Kids They'll Enjoy

Looking for a fun holiday craft for your little ones? Try one of these 30 unique Christmas tree crafts for kids and get in the holiday spirit!

The holiday season is upon us, and nothing says ‘‘ quite like the twinkling lights and ornaments adorning a beautiful holiday tree.

Depending on your culture and family of origin, Christmas trees (and all the trimmings) can represent a lot of things.

In my house growing up, the tree was aligned with Christian tradition and the birth of Jesus (the light of the world).

We always had the same angel on top, to  representing the Angel Gabriel and the Star of Bethlehem that guided the Wise Men. The angel is from my dad’s childhood, and my parents still use it!

No matter what the tree represents in your home, it’s always a central icon of the holiday season, representing joy, celebration, and the coming together of family and communities.

We’re going to celebrate that icon today with some cute Christmas tree crafts for kids!

Wouldn’t you love a home filled with miniature, handcrafted Christmas trees, each one a unique creation by your little elves? Of course you would.

It’s not just about crafting; it’s about creating memories and traditions that your family will cherish year after year.

And who knows? These might just become as much a part of your holiday as the big tree itself!

Even if you’ve already got your real or artificial tree twinkling away, these Christmas tree crafts ideas are a perfect way to add more festive joy to your home.

They’re also a fantastic way to engage your children in the holiday preparations, keeping their hands busy and hearts full of the holiday spirit.

That is what these 30 Christmas tree crafts are all about – bringing the family together, creating, and laughing, all while making adorable mini-trees that can be displayed around the house.

From easy-peasy perfect for to more challenging projects for the older kids (and, let’s be honest, adults too), this list has got it all.

We’re talking about everything from paper trees that can be hung on walls to 3D that stand on tables, shelves, and mantels.

Time to gather up the crafting supplies, rally the troops, and get ready to dive into a world of colorful paper, glitter, glue, and loads of fun.

Scroll down to explore this fantastic list of 30 Christmas tree craft ideas. Get inspired, get crafting, and most importantly, get ready to fill your home with a forest of homemade holiday cheer!

Christmas Tree Crafts for Kids

Get your kids in the holiday mood by making one of these 30 Christmas tree crafts ideas. The list includes ornaments, decorations, and even some cards!


Cupcake Liner Ornament

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This is an easy holiday craft that is perfect for when you don't have much time. Add a little handmade touch to your with this cupcake liner tree.


Pine Cone Christmas Trees

Learn how to make a pine cone tree with pom pom lights for Christmas! This is a perfect craft for kids.


Cereal Boxes

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Recycle your cereal boxes to make these cute decorations. I love the glitter on the edges of the trees!


Clothespin Garland

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No holiday season is complete without this easy Christmas tree kids craft. These ombre trees look so cute when put together to create garland!


Paper Plate Snow Globe

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This is adorable. It is an easy paper cutting craft, and Elizabeth even included a template if your drawing skills aren't the best!


Clay Pot Trees

Learn how to make clay pot Christmas trees using simple craft store supplies! Kids will love to make these to add to your holiday decor.


Christmas Tree Perler Beads (20+ Free Patterns!)

You’re going to love these 20+ Christmas tree , perfect for holiday crafting with kids! Get a variety of cute hama bead patterns for the holidays.


LEGO Holiday Tree

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Here is a fun activity for the LEGO-lovers in your house. No need to buy a kit, just piece this together from what you already have at home.


Whoville Trees

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Have the kids get into holiday decorating by making these cute and pom pom trees. Display them all together or spread them around the house for everyone to find.


Pipe Cleaner Christmas Trees

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Here is another version of using pipe cleaners to create trees. Don't they make cute fuzzy decorations?


Paint Chip Tree

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This paint chip Christmas tree craft is one of my favorites because it’s a great one for the entire family. It’s easy to set up with a very simple list of materials. Oh, and it packs a ton of holiday cute factor!


Christmas Tree Corner Bookmark

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Think Christmas trees are cute? They are especially cute as corner bookmarks! This is a perfect Christmas tree craft for kids.


Water Bottle Tree

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Get the kids into recycling with this Christmas tree yarn craft. This Christmas tree water bottle craft is the ideal way to recycle empty bottles and have as many trees on display as you like!


Recycled Christmas Tree

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Here is another cereal box recycling craft. This time you use buttons for the ornaments. So cute!


Marbled Tree

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Kids will definitely have fun making these marbled paint Christmas trees. No two will look alike, and they can be turned in ornaments, a banner, and so much more.


Clay Pot Ornaments

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Kids of all ages will like making these Christmas tree ornaments! Small clay pots are perfect for this craft, and you can find them at the dollar store.


Christmas Card

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Jolene shows you step by step how to make this Christmas tree card. She even includes suggestions of how to make it easier for younger children!


Popsicle Stick Tree Ornament

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Remember the Bedazzler? This ornament reminds me of that fun blast from the past! With glitter and rhinestones, kids are going to love making this tree.


Paper Plate Christmas Tree

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I think every list of kid's crafts has to have at least one paper plate project. I like how this one makes a 3D tree that can stand on its own.


Christmas Tree Pasta and Macaroni Craft

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There’s something festive about crafting with pasta and macaroni over Christmas. That’s why we couldn’t resist making some fun pasta art this season! These Christmas tree pasta and macaroni craft cards are perfect for kids to make! Simply make them as art, cards or even glue onto cardboard to turn them into ornaments!


Stacked Pom Poms

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Turn pretty green into a dainty little Christmas tree! Kids will love making these in a variety of colors. They're SO easy.


Finger Puppet Gloves & Poem

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Make these cute Christmas tree puppets on a glove and then download the poem to read along with it! Little kid will love this.


White Pipe Cleaner Ornament

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How about a white Christmas this year? These white pipe cleaners make it look like you have a snowy tree!


Cute Holiday Art

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Grab your Q-tips for this one! When you are finished, hang it on the fridge for some kitchen decoration.


Egg Carton Tree

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Kiwi & Co

Wouldn't it be fun for the kids to make their own door decor and display it proudly for everyone to see? Create this egg carton Christmas tree door decoration; kids will love it.


Suncatcher Ornament

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You could hang this as an ornament on the tree, or on a hook on a window. The center of the tree has a cool design that will show with the light!


Handprint Card

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This cute card is something the grandparents would love to get in the mail! Plus, what kid doesn't love getting paint all of their hands?


Woven Paper Tree

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This is a fun way to show your kids how to weave paper. When finished, they can add colorful ornaments (using glitter, pom poms, and more) if they like.


Clothespin Ornament

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After you make this ornament, snuggle up to read one of the Christmas Tree themed picture books listed in this post.


Cardboard Tubes

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Have your kids pick out their favorite photo to top these toilet paper roll Christmas trees.


Little Fingerprints

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Little hands mean little fingerprints. That is perfect for making ornaments on this tree!


Salt Dough

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 You can make these as a traditional salt dough ornament, or attach it to a wooden dowel and use as a plant decoration.


Glitter Holiday Slime

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All of the fun of slime combined with all of the excitement from Christmas! Turn your slime into a cute Christmas tree . . . complete with a star topper.

Which of these Christmas tree crafts is your favorite? Let me know in the comments! I’d also love for you to check out these other ideas:

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