The Blushing Knees! EP2323ㅣSlapstickㅣDISCO PANG PANGㅣKoreanculture


Reasons for Red Knees! EP2323ㅣSlapstickㅣDISCO PANG PANGㅣKoreanculture

The article discusses the reasons behind red knees in Korean culture, specifically in relation to the slapstick comedy show, DISCO PANG PANG. In the show, the characters often fall down and hurt their knees, resulting in them turning red. This has become a common comedic trope in Korean entertainment and is seen as humorous to audiences.

The red knees symbolize the physical comedy and exaggerated reactions that are prevalent in slapstick humor. It is a way to visually represent the pain and mishaps that the characters experience in a comedic manner.


The use of red knees as a comedic device has become a recognizable element in Korean culture and is often associated with laughter and entertainment.

Overall, the article explores how the concept of red knees has become a unique and amusing aspect of Korean slapstick comedy, adding to the humor and entertainment value of shows like DISCO PANG PANG.


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