These Hot Chocolate Cookies Deserve a Spot on Santa's Plate

These hot chocolate cookies are so delightful! They're made with real hot chocolate mix, along with some extra melted bittersweet chocolate and white chocolate chips. I like adding a little espresso powder to my chocolate desserts, so there's some of that in there too. It doesn't make the cookies taste like coffee, it just amplifies the chocolate taste in wondrous, beautiful ways. If you're feeling adventurous, you can (carefully) lightly brown the with a kitchen torch to give it a toasty topping. These  are so cute on a  for Santa, and they're great with a big glass of milk.

What are hot chocolate cookies?

They're  in cookie form! Well, as close as you can get, at least. The base is a rich, decadent chocolate cookie and no hot chocolate of mine is complete without a marshmallow, baby, so I snuck one on top of each cookie!

Is chilling cookie dough worth it?

Yes, don't skip this step! Putting the cookie dough in the fridge for just 30 minutes gives it a chance to firm up so the cookies don't spread too thin when they bake.  

Is bittersweet chocolate the same as semisweet?

Nope! Bittersweet chocolate is a  that has a more intense chocolate flavor, with about 70% cacao. Semisweet chocolates contains about 60% cacao and is on the slightly sweeter side. I like the richness of bittersweet chocolate in these cookies, but you can swap it for semisweet if you like.

What kind of hot chocolate mix do you use in hot chocolate cookies?

It uses those little single-serve envelopes of hot cocoa, several of which you probably have shoved in the back of your pantry right this very minute. If you don't, a box of them can usually be found on the baking aisle at the grocery store. Make sure to get the kind without marshmallows for this .

What's the best way to store hot chocolate cookies?

Store them in an airtight container at room temperature and they'll stay fresh-tasting for about three days.

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