Shop Major Black Friday Deals on the Best Meal Delivery Services

Sprinly / Fresh n Lean

Let's be honest, you may not always have time to cook three delicious, nutritious, and filling meals a day. We all have busy lives! If you feel like 24 hours is never enough to get everything checked off your to-do list, here's a time-saving idea to consider: prepared meal delivery services. All you have to do is heat up the food, plate it, and voilà! You'll be able to serve your family a meal that looks tastes as good as home-cooked.

These fabulous services are a step up from the typical , which usually include pre-measured ingredients and recipe cards. No here: Instead, you'll be sent a week's worth of fully prepped, fully cooked meals. , here you come! Most heat in the microwave or oven in just a few minutes. That's even faster than ordering takeout. 😉

But with dozens of new companies to choose from, where to begin? Well, first, figure out what you're looking for. Filling dinners or ? How about fruit-filled breakfast smoothies? Something for every single meal of the day? The wide assortment of options means that there's a subscription for virtually every kind of budget, family size, and dietary restriction (or preference)—. Vegetarian, keto, even meals for the 50-plus set are available, so just wait until you see what's out there!

And in case you need more incentive, several of these options have some major Black Friday deals going on right now. But hurry, just like the holiday weekend, they'll be over before you know it! Scroll for more info.

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