Outlander | Our Favorite Jamie & Claire Kisses From Season 1


The article discusses some of the best moments between Jamie and Claire, the main characters of the TV series "Outlander," during its first season. The author highlights the chemistry and emotional connection between the couple and how it is portrayed through their passionate kisses.

One notable kiss that stands out is the one shared just before Jamie is about to leave for battle. As they embrace, their love and genuine concern for each other are palpable. Another memorable moment is when Jamie rescues Claire from Black Jack Randall's clutches, and in their reunion, their kiss represents relief and happiness.


The couple's first kiss, after their wedding, is characterized by both tenderness and passion, marking the beginning of their deep connection.

Furthermore, the article emphasizes the significance of the "Je Suis Prest" kiss. In this moment, Jamie reaffirms his commitment to fight for his loved ones, and Claire responds with a powerful, passionate kiss, displaying her unwavering support and love for him.

In conclusion, the first season of "Outlander" is filled with unforgettable kisses between Jamie and Claire that not only illustrate their intense connection but also evoke a range of emotions from the audience. These kisses serve as markers of important moments in their relationship and further solidify their love for one another.


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