Cat Survives Brain Surgery And Gets A Second Chance At Life


Meet Milly, an adorable kitty who has overcome many challenges to find happiness. Milly was born with hydrocephalus, which caused an enlarged head, as well as radial aplasia and a slight overbite. Due to her conditions, she needed a special helmet and a safe environment to protect her. Despite these health issues, Milly had a sweet and cuddly personality. Her foster mom, Caroline, described her as special and full of love and joy.

When Milly was two months old, someone took her in for free but quickly realized she needed help. She was then brought to Baby Kitten Rescue in Los Angeles, where they had experience caring for similar kittens. Milly joined a furry boy named Otter, who also had to wear a helmet before having successful surgery.


Milly's surgery was risky and expensive, but the team believed she deserved a chance at a healthy life. They were grateful to Dr. O'Neill at Metropolitan Animal Specialty Hospital for providing the opportunity for Milly to receive the surgery. Hydrocephalus was previously a death sentence for cats and dogs, but advancements in veterinary medicine now offer hope for animals like Milly.

After surgery, Milly had a slow and lengthy recovery, but she showed determination and impressed everyone with her progress. She gradually stopped taking medications to control her hydrocephalus. Milly's successful surgery not only gave her a second chance at life but also led her to find her forever home. A wonderful couple adopted Milly, and she will be the queen of their home, receiving all the snuggles and attention she could ever want.

Milly's story is one of triumph and resilience. Despite her challenges, she has found happiness and a loving family. After everything she has been through, it is heartwarming to see her finally experience joy in her life.


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