Hailey's Skateboard Mishap: Justin Bieber Leaves Her Behind in Times Square


In a recent incident, Justin Bieber left his wife, Hailey, behind while skateboarding in Times Square. The couple was on a fun outing when Bieber decided to speed away on his skateboard, leaving Hailey struggling to catch up. Unfortunately, during her pursuit, she fell and had a bit of a mishap.

The incident took place in the bustling heart of New York City, where the couple had gone for a day of enjoyment. Witnesses were surprised to see Bieber taking off on his skateboard, seemingly leaving Hailey behind. It is unclear whether this was a joke or a serious attempt to distance himself from her.


Hailey, however, was clearly startled by her husband's sudden departure. She tried her best to chase after him, but ended up falling in the process. Observers report that she seemed visibly embarrassed and shaken by the incident.

Videos and photos of the incident quickly made their way onto social media platforms, leading to mixed reactions from fans. While some found it amusing and praised Bieber's skateboarding skills, others expressed concern for Hailey's safety and criticized Bieber for leaving her behind.

This incident has sparked a debate about the dynamics of the couple's relationship. Some argue that it was just a playful act, while others believe it may highlight a deeper issue of miscommunication or lack of consideration between the two. Regardless, it serves as a reminder that even celebrities face moments of drama and awkwardness in their relationships.


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