Meet The Tippy Tuxies, A Wobbly Cat Trio Living Their Life To The Fullest


Let me introduce you to the remarkable Tippy Tuxies: Daisy, Rosie, and Calvin. Known for their unique bond through cerebellar hypoplasia, these felines are affectionately called the "wobbly cats." But don't let their condition fool you, it only adds to their irresistible charm.

Cerebellar hypoplasia, or "wobbly cat syndrome," doesn't hold them back. In fact, it enhances their already captivating personalities. And it's important to note that their condition is not contagious or painful for them.

Their human mom, Kris, discovered these amazing cats while photographing pets at the rescue center. It was love at first sight for her. Despite their condition, the Tippy Tuxies are full of joy and happiness.


Calvin, the sun-loving cat, parades his toys around the house, proving that being a special needs cat doesn't hinder his fun. Rosie, on the other hand, fully embraces her wobbly nature. She is independent, smart, and filled with love. Daisy may be a bit slower in movement, but she remains determined to reach her goals.

Kris's loving dedication is evident in the customized litter boxes, special cat tower, and scattered rugs throughout the house. These modifications help prevent potential injuries and ensure the Tippy Tuxies' comfort.

Follow their adorable journey on Instagram at @tippytuxies, where you can see their playful and loving moments. The Tippy Tuxies are a reminder that disabilities don't define an animal's spirit. They are proof that with a little extra care and understanding, special needs cats can lead happy and fulfilling lives.


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