Woman Asks For Three Vitamix Boxes As Cats Refuse To Get Off Her New Blender


Jessica and Nikii Gerson-Neeves are excited to use their new Vitamix blender, but their three cats have claimed the box as their throne for over three weeks. Max, George, and Lando have all taken turns lounging in the box, leaving the couple unable to enjoy their purchase.

In an attempt to outsmart the cats, Jessica and Nikii have tried using decoy boxes to lure the feline overlords away from the Vitamix. Despite feeling outnumbered by their furry companions, the couple is reluctant to forcibly remove the cats from the box.

Desperate for a solution, Jessica jokingly reached out to Vitamix on Facebook, asking for three empty boxes to hopefully distract the cats and finally free their blender.


Surprisingly, Vitamix was happy to help and acknowledged that sometimes pets enjoy new purchases as much as their owners.

As the standoff continues, Nikii admits that they must find a way to outsmart their clever feline companions in a battle of wills. Despite the absurdity of the situation, the couple remains hopeful that they can reclaim their blender and put an end to the feline takeover.

In the end, Jessica and Nikii's humorous predicament demonstrates the lengths pet owners will go to in order to keep their furry friends happy. Hopefully, with the help of Vitamix and some strategic thinking, the couple will soon be able to enjoy their long-awaited blending experience.


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