After Her Adopter Doesn’t Show Up, Kitten Finds Comfort Next To Another Kitten


Elsie was the last of her litter to be adopted, but her luck changed when she was fostered by Nadija, a volunteer at AnimalLuvr's Dream Rescue. Nadija had a soft spot for single kittens and thought Elsie would be the perfect companion for Tinsley, another solo kitten.

Elsie and Tinsley quickly bonded, with Tinsley helping Elsie come out of her shell and adjust to her new surroundings. The two kittens became best friends, enjoying back scratches and cuddles on Nadija's lap.

Finding homes for pairs of kittens can be challenging, but Nadija is confident that Elsie and Tinsley will soon find a loving family who will give them the happy ending they deserve. The girls are inseparable and bring joy to everyone around them.


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