Bushland Brawler Tames Snakes


Matt Wright, known as the "Outback Wrangler," has gained fame for his daring encounters with wild animals in the Australian Outback. His latest adventure involves wrestling with pythons. Wright is an expert in capturing and relocating these dangerous reptiles, often found near human settlements.

In a recent video, Wright can be seen grappling with a massive python by its head and tail. The snake, measuring nearly 10 feet long, put up a fierce fight, but Wright ultimately managed to subdue it. He then carefully bagged the python, ensuring its safety during transportation.

Wright's work is crucial in preserving the delicate ecosystem of the Outback. By capturing and relocating pythons, he prevents conflicts between humans and these potentially deadly snakes. Additionally, his efforts help maintain the balance of the food chain, protecting other species in the region.


Though handling pythons is dangerous, Wright has dedicated his life to this work. He has been bitten by snakes multiple times but remains committed to his mission. Wright's expertise and fearlessness have earned him a reputation as one of Australia's most skilled wildlife wranglers.

Wright's adventures are not limited to pythons; he has also tackled crocodiles, wild boars, and venomous snakes. Through his television program, he educates the public about how to coexist with these creatures and the importance of wildlife conservation.

In conclusion, Matt Wright, the Outback Wrangler, continues to impress with his fearless exploits. His dedication to preserving the ecosystem and protecting humans from potential harm exemplifies the crucial role of wildlife experts like him.


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