Lost Cat Found Rolling In The Catnip Products At Nearby Store


Most cat owners are heartbroken when their beloved pets go missing, and this story started the same way. However, a surprising turn of events made it a memorable tale. The cat parents reported their missing feline, only to find him at a nearby store where he had wandered into accidentally.

YouTuber Sensual Cat captured the whole incident on video, showing how the cat found himself in a store filled with catnip products. The cat's accidental decision turned out to be the best one of his life because of the abundance of catnip to roll around in.

Catnip contains nepetalactone, a compound that can make cats go wild when inhaled.


Some cats become hyperactive, while others become calm and relaxed. Approximately 30 percent of cats do not respond to catnip at all.

The owners eventually located their cat, although it is unclear if the cat even noticed them after enjoying the catnip. The store manager decided not to press charges on the cat for trespassing and drug possession. So, the cat should be more careful next time!

In the end, the cat's adventure at the store turned out to be a comical and entertaining story for everyone involved.


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