This Stray Was So Badly Injured People Could Barely Recognize He Was A Cat


Pamela Latham couldn't believe her eyes when she saw a cat-like creature approaching her family. Not wasting any time, she brought him inside, cleaned him up, fed him, and gave him a cozy bed. Worried about his condition, she took him to the vet the next morning.

The vet was shocked by the cat's injuries. Pamela explained that he was a stray she had found the day before, and he hadn't been named yet. The cat had many puncture wounds, especially on his infected face. He also had a ruptured eardrum, a fever, and swollen eyes. His fur was thin and infested with fleas and ticks.

Pamela took the cat, whom she affectionately called Battle Cat, back home to care for him. Due to his severe underweight, she made it her mission to help him gain weight and provide him with the nutrients he was lacking.


Witnessing his speedy recovery, Pamela decided to keep Battle Cat forever. Despite her doubts, he pulled through and became her loving and affectionate pet. She officially named him Lazarus, although he is still referred to as Battle Cat.

Even after living as a stray and enduring abuse and injuries, Battle Cat showed immense resilience and love. This proves that our feline friends are strong creatures that can survive anything with the help and support of compassionate people like Pamela.


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