Chicago P.D.’s Burgess and Ruzek Take a Major Step Forward in Their Relationship — Read Our Recap


This week's Chicago P.D. gave "Burzek" fans cause for celebration.

After a harrowing case involving a dirty cop, Wednesday's episode of the gritty Dick Wolf procedural saw Burgess come home to the heartwarming sight of Ruzek resting on the couch with their daughter Makayla.

It had been a particularly long day for the Chicago cop, who busted fellow officer Danny Alvarez (guest star EJ Bonilla) for sexually assaulting a migrant woman and then ordering her murder. As Burgess vented her frustrations about the overwhelming unfairness she witnessed throughout the investigation, she also made Ruzek promise to never stop fighting for their family.


"Yeah, I'll keep fighting for it for the rest of my life," he assured.

But Ruzek took it a step further. Noting that he had planned to do a whole thing, he casually pulled an engagement ring from their nightstand and offered it to her in his open palm.

"Let's get married," he proposed. "Let's make it forever."

To which Burgess answered, "Third time's a charm."

After all, this is the third time that Ruzek has popped the question to Burgess, and his fifth proposal overall. The Intelligence cop first asked Burgess to marry him in the Season 2 finale after a passionate romance that saw him break things off with his previous fiancé. Burgess then called off their engagement in Season 3, citing his commitment issues.


They remained friendly until Burgess got pregnant in Season 7 following an off-screen hookup. Ruzek tried to do the right thing by proposing again, which Burgess rejected because she felt like they weren't meant to be together. (Burgess later suffered a miscarriage following a brutal altercation with a suspect.)

But after adopting Makayla, going through therapy, rekindling her romance with Ruzek and now getting engaged, her feelings have obviously changed.

How are we feeling about this Burgess and Ruzek engagement, One Chicago fam?


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