Woman Brings Home A Senior Cat And Discovers She’s Rarely Amused


A woman named Jamie went to a shelter with the intention of adopting a kitten to fit into her home with two dogs. However, she ended up falling in love with a 10-year-old cat named Millie. Millie immediately caught Jamie's attention when she saw her sitting by the door at the shelter. They connected instantly and Jamie knew she had found her new pet.

Millie quickly adjusted to her new home and bonded with Jamie's two dogs, Titan and Yogurt. Jamie initially kept Millie separate from the dogs to help her adjust, but one day she found them all snuggled up together in bed. It seems that Millie and the dogs get along well, as they can often be found laying on the couch or playing together when Jamie checks in on them through a pet nanny camera.


When Millie first arrived at Jamie's home, she didn't seem very amused, but her behavior quickly showed otherwise. She is a mellow cat who rarely hisses and enjoys being petted and cuddled by Jamie and her boyfriend. Despite having some health issues, such as asthma and a deformed rib, Millie looks much healthier and happier since being adopted.

It is believed that Millie spent her first 10 years with another family who had a busy household with active kids and dogs that would chase her. It was clear that she needed a more peaceful and loving home.

Now, Millie is thriving with Jamie and her dogs. She loves to be near them, whether it's sitting on their lap or sleeping between their heads at night. Jamie feels that Millie completes their family and believes that their bond was meant to be.

The video and Instagram posts of Millie and her new family show just how content and loved she is. It's clear that she has found her forever home and is grateful for the chance to be a part of Jamie's family.


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