Lainey Wilson Addresses Congress on the Hazards of AI


Lainey Wilson, ahead of the 2024 Grammy Awards, recently made an appearance in downtown Los Angeles, Calif., testifying before Congress in a House Subcommittee on Courts, Intellectual Property, and the Internet on Friday (Feb. 2). The purpose of Wilson's testimony was to shed light on the perils of Artificial Intelligence (AI), drawing on her personal experience of being targeted by an AI-based scam. Last summer, Wilson fell victim to a falsified campaign that utilized her likeness in advertisements for weight loss gummies.

When the singer first became aware of the scam, she was quick to clarify the situation to her fans, urging them not to spend their money on the fraudulent product. However, during her congressional testimony, Wilson took a deeper dive into the consequences of misusing entertainers' identities and how it can adversely affect both the fans and the artists themselves. In a clip of the testimony shared by local ABC affiliate ABC7, Wilson expressed the emotional toll that comes with having one's name, image, or voice exploited without consent, emphasizing the wrongfulness of such actions.


While Wilson acknowledged the potential benefits and creativity of AI, she also voiced her concerns about the potential dangers it presents, particularly in terms of violating personal rights. She confessed to feeling "nervous" about the possibility of AI eroding individuals' dignity and jeopardizing their hard-earned accomplishments. Wilson firmly believes that an artist's voice and image belong to them and should not be overshadowed by the financial interests of companies that have not invested in or partnered with the artist.

Interestingly, Wilson is the second country artist to testify before Congress in recent weeks. Last month, Jelly Roll spoke to lawmakers about his battle with addiction and the fentanyl crisis in the United States. Both Wilson and Jelly Roll will be attending the Grammy Awards, where their duet "Save Me" is nominated for Best Country Duo/Group Performance.


In addition to her congressional appearance, Wilson's fellow artist Jelly Roll has recently released a documentary titled "The Jelly Roll: Save Me" on Hulu. The documentary delves into Jelly Roll's complex life story, providing an open and honest account of addiction, prison experiences, childhood struggles, and personal insecurities. For those interested, here are ten key takeaways from the documentary:

1. Jelly Roll's life story is filled with unexpected twists and turns.

2. The documentary does not shy away from detailing Jelly Roll's battle with addiction.

3. Prison has been a significant part of Jelly Roll's journey.


4. The documentary sheds light on Jelly Roll's challenging upbringing.

5. Jelly Roll's personal insecurities are explored in-depth.

6. He credits music as being a crucial outlet for him.

7. The documentary portrays Jelly Roll's determination to overcome obstacles.

8. Jelly Roll emphasizes the importance of honesty in his music.

9. The documentary provides a raw and authentic look into his life.

10. Billy Dukes receives credit for the accompanying gallery.

All in all, Lainey Wilson's congressional testimony serves as a reminder of the potential risks associated with AI and the importance of protecting artists' rights. Meanwhile, Jelly Roll's recent documentary provides a comprehensive and honest portrayal of his life journey.


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